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The purpose of creating HELENE STAHL HOLM Copenhagen, was to create a fashion label which would prioritize time for development of authentic designs, produce only, or at the least mainly, what is being sold, meaning the production first starts when the costumer places the order.
This we can do, because we keep our production in house. We keep the production in house also to secure good working conditions for our seamstresses.
We use deadstock fabrics, which are left over materials from the textile industry. Materials that were otherwise to be thrown away because the amount was too little for traditional fast fashion orders. This we do to prevent putting more into the world, but actually use what is already here and make something beautiful and useful out of them.
We don't follow the typical seasons, but let us inspire by intuition and creativity. This we can do because we work on an ongoing collection. Our styles don't have an expiration date, they are designed to last. Our styles stay in the collection as long as we like them to and we update them in new beautiful qualities when we find the perfect fabric for exactly that style.
And for that reason, the 12th SDG is our main SDG.